Membersheep benefits

  1. Promotion and protection of the interests of the nuclear energy complex through communication with the Verkhovna Rada Committees, specialized central executive authorities and relevant National Commissions, promulgation of Position papers, if available, open letters addressed to the President, the Government, and the National Security and Defense Council.
  2. Daily provision of members of the UNF Association for information on events in the Ukrainian nuclear industry and related industries.
  3. Support for members of the UNF Association during informational attacks or raider attacks by organizing public events in the information sphere and involving relevant officials in solving the problem.
  4. Provision of members of the UNF Association with information on the development of European structures and the provision of information on nuclear energy and atomic-industrial complex of Ukraine to European structures, mass media and the public.
  5. Participation in the preparation of European regulatory documents regulating the use of nuclear energy, the opportunity to participate in the discussion of European energy policy.
  6. Harmonization of policies, approaches, prospective plans for the development of the energy sector of Ukraine and European structures on various aspects of the use of nuclear energy.