SNRCI established a new regional territorial authority, Inspectorate of Nuclear Safety in the Exclusion zone

At the suggestion of SNRIU (State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine), Cabinet of Ministers, decided to close SNRIU subdivision at the site of Chernobyl NPP and to establish a new regional territorial authority, Inspectorate of Nuclear Safety in the Exclusion zone, structural unit of SNRIU.

Newly created Inspectorate will exercise state supervision of activity in the sphere of use of nuclear energy in the entire Exclusion zone and the Zone of unconditional (obligatory) resettlement (hereinafter - Zone), including the industrial area of Chernobyl NPP.

This decision was due to a change in the status of the entities of the Chernobyl site, as well as plans to expand the activity of the enterprises on Radioactive Waste Management (hereinafter - RW) and spent nuclear fuel (hereinafter - SF) in the Exclusion zone.

At this stage, units 1, 2 and 3 of the CNPP are in the process of decommissioning. Nuclear fuel is completely moved from the territory of these units.  There is no need for ensuring nuclear safety unit in constant operational mode.  The main works and operations are dismantling, fragmentation, sorting, and decontamination of elements of the decommissioned equipment and constructions, radioactive waste management.

Works on the New Safe Confinement (hereinafter - NSC) on the existing Shelter are currently in the final phase. This facility will considerably increase the safety of Shelter and will practically exclude possible radiation influence beyond its limits. SNRIU Board decided on licensing NSC operation after its construction and pilot operation as facilities for radioactive waste management, according to the NSC main purpose - namely, to create conditions for the further dismantling of unstable structures of Shelter and the treatment of all types of radioactive waste of Shelter.

Vector radioactive west storage facility located outside of Chernobyl NPP site performs maintenance, construction and design of new facilities for storage and disposal of radioactive waste from a wide range of new suppliers, including the Chernobyl NPP and specialized enterprises such as SC UkrDO Radon, Energoatom.  New centralized storage facility for spent fuel storage operating nuclear power plants in Ukraine will be constructed near of the Vector complex. Activities for safety of storages of the emergency nuclear wastage created during the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident continues in the exclusion zone.

In addition, a number of the enterprises carry out activities for use of ionizing radiation sources in the exclusion zone. The supervision of these activities will also be referred to the authority of the newly created Inspectorate.

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